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Healthcare Integration Strategies, LLC (HIS) was founded in 1993 to assist clients with strategic planning and implementation services for imaging integration into the healthcare enterprise information systems infrastructure.

HIS has assisted over one hundred clients with imaging strategy and implementation since its inception.  HIS was visionary with respect to the role that Speech Recognition has played toward improving the efficiency and productivity of reporting.  HIS was one of the initial organizations authorized as an IBM MedSpeak/Radiology reseller, with installations at a number of prestigious Midwest healthcare facilities. 

HIS is pioneering the expansion of image management technology beyond radiology, into cardiology, and other imaging services with differing and complex imaging requirements.  In addition, HIS is playing an active role in the emerging enterprise image management and distribution market, through consulting engagements and relationships with leading technology suppliers.


 Joseph L. Marion, Principal 

Mr. Marion has been a part of the healthcare industry for over thirty-five years.  He began his career as Product Planning Manager for CT products with GE Medical Systems, and quickly became the champion within GE for PACS.  In 1985 Mr. Marion became the Marketing Manager for GE’s joint development with IBM, known as the Integrated Diagnostics System.  

Mr. Marion left GE in 1993 and founded Healthcare Integration Strategies, in order to address the growing opportunity to assist healthcare providers with their radiology PACS planning and implementation.  Sensing the importance of Speech Recognition to radiology, Mr. Marion became one of the first IBM MedSpeak/Radiology resellers in the country, and supported a number of early facility implementations.

In an effort to expand the understanding of the importance of image integration, Mr. Marion joined Superior Consultant Company in 2000, broadening his imaging experience at the enterprise IT level.   

In 2008, Mr. Marion returned to private practice to address the growing opportunity among cardiology and other imaging services, as well as enterprise imaging .  Mr. Marion maintains a number of relationships with healthcare IT consultants, and prestigious healthcare facilities, where he has been instrumental in developing cardiology information systems and enterprise imaging strategies.

Mr. Marion is widely published  and a frequent speaker on the subject of enterprise imaging, as well as a frequent blogger for Healthcare-Informatics (Visit my Blog).

Click here to download my white paper on Enterprise PACS, or here to download my white paper on Cardiology Hybrid rooms.

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